City's Community Safety Proposal on Hold

A proposal to transfer $1 million of NRP funds to the City of Minneapolis to pay for community-oriented public safety activities was put on hold for 60 days following a spirited debate by members of the NRP Policy Board during its June 30 meeting. Several members of the board were concerned that important questions still needed to be answered before the proposal could be considered. The board's biggest concerns centered on the legality of the transfer as well as uncertainty over the level of NRP's Phase II funding.

For more information on the City's community safety proposal, you may be interested in reading the Star Tribune's coverage on the topic in the two downloadable stories below. You will need a copy of Acrobat Reader to view the survey results.

Plan to divert $1 million from Minneapolis NRP debated (220K)

Critics halt plan to divert #1 million from NRP (228K)



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