Official Results are in on NRP Policy Board Election

More than 120 Minneapolis residents attended the NRP Policy Board neighborhood representative election on Thursday, November 20. Sixty-seven electors, chosen by their neighborhood boards, elected four neighborhood representatives to serve on the 2004 NRP Policy Board.

Those elected include: Debbie Evans as the at-large representative, Nicholas T. Kakos as the protection neighborhood representative, Zachary Korb as the redirection neighborhood representative and Cam Gordon as the revitalization neighborhood representative. Sean Wherley, Jeffrey L. Strand, Carol Ann Pass and Steven A. Miller were elected as Policy Board alternates. Both Kakos and Gordon won re-election. Evans and Korb currently sit on the board as neighborhood representative alternates.

The 19-member Policy Board provides overall direction to the program and is primarily responsible for the review and approval of Neighborhood Action Plans. The NRP Policy Board election is held annually in November to fill four neighborhood resident seats on the Board. One candidate is elected to represent each of the three types of NRP neighborhoods: redirection, revitalization, and protection. An at-large representative is also elected. Neighborhood representatives serve one-year terms beginning in January.

Also serving on the Policy Board are public officials from the City of Minneapolis, Hennepin County, the Minneapolis Public School Board, the Minneapolis Public Library Board, and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. Community interest groups hold an additional five seats and one seat each goes to a state senator and a state representative.

Thanks to all the people who chose to participate in the election. Special thanks to the League of Women Voters of Minneapolis for conducting this year's election and forums. Comments, questions or suggestions about the NRP election process can be submitted to:

NRP Election Comments
425 Crown Roller Mill
105 Fifth Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55401

E-mail comments are also welcome at: internet@nrp.org

Meet the 2004 NRP Policy Board Neighborhood Representatives:

Debbie Evans
Nicholas T. Kakos
Zachary Korb
Cam Gordon
At Large Rep.
Protection Rep.
Redirection Rep.
Revitalization Rep.


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