City's Office of Grants and Special Projects Offers Free Help to Neighborhood Organizations

The City of Minneapolis Office of Grants and Special Projects is offering free technical assistance to neighborhood organizations trying to navigate the complex world of grant seeking. From searching for the right source of funding to preparing grant proposals, the Grants Office is willing to assist in a variety of ways that can help your organization achieve its objectives, including: helping prioritize programming and fundraising goals, identifying potential collaborators, setting a grants strategy, researching and contacting potential funders, developing grant applications and project budgets, assisting in the management of grants and problem solving and identifying potential resources.

If you would like more information about the kinds of resources that are available through the Grants Office, please contact Berry Farrington at 612- 673-2509. The Grants Office directs its efforts towards organizations that further and support the City's eight adopted goals relating to public safety, infrastructure, City services, economic development, housing, environment, healthy communities and community engagement.

Visit the City of Minneapolis Office of Grants and Special Projects Web site at www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/grants for information on foundations, funding opportunities and fundraising tips.



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