Invitation to Participate in Minneapolis Public Schools' Community Outreach Team

September 27, 2005 - The Minneapolis Public Schools is assembling a Community Outreach Team is to gather community members for upcoming meetings where the reuse for Minneapolis school facilities will be discussed. The primary responsibility for team members is to broaden citizen participation at the community meetings organized by the Reuse Executive Committee.

Members of the Community Outreach Team will receive support from the communication staff and will have access to resources to complete their tasks. Persons interested in volunteering their time should consider

1. Willingness to serve with enthusiasm and commitment to task. The Community Outreach Team will involve attendance at planning meetings and community meetings to discuss specific site use in the neighborhood assigned.

2. Individuals from the communities where facilities are located are encouraged to become involved with the Community Outreach Team.

- Longfellow (to discuss reuse for Cooper School and Howe School)
- Phillips West (to discuss reuse for Phillips School; previously Four Winds)
- Field, Regina and Northrop (to discuss reuse for Northrop School)
- Webber-Camden (to discuss reuse for Hamilton School),
- Sheridan (to discuss reuse for Holland School)
- Near North, Willard Hay (to discuss reuse for Willard School)

3. Familiarity with community needs and community issues, and a broad knowledge of groups within the neighborhood will be necessary for this effort.

4. Participants must be free of competing interests of any kind, - especially those that could alter the team's ability to encourage the participation of others in seeking the best reuse of Minneapolis Public Schools sites.

The Minneapolis Public Schools seek to include all interested neighbors and citizens in this effort reflecting the diversity of our community.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
To express your interest to participate, submit your name and contact information (including name, address, email, title, sponsoring organization, organization address, organization email, and any remarks) by October 6, 2005, to:

Minneapolis Public Schools
Facilities Reuse Planning
807 Northeast Broadway
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Direct: 612-336-9601
Fax: 612-342-9267
Email: MPSReusePlan@mpls.k12.mn.us



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