Follow-Up Meeting Scheduled on Selection Process for NCEC Neighborhood Reps

April 3, 2009 - A meeting of Minneapolis neighborhood group designees has been scheduled for Sunday, April 19th, to continue discussion on how to select neighborhood representatives to the City's new Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission (NCEC). The meeting will be held from 1:00 to 3:30 pm at the Northeast Armory and is open to the public.

Neighborhood designees from all neighborhoods of the city first met on February 21st to discuss how to select their representatives to the Commission. At that meeting, participants presented and discussed a number of ideas, but limited time prevented the group reaching a conclusion. Therefore, they requested that a follow up meeting be held.

Given the number of other meetings and events already scheduled for Saturdays in April, the limited availability of adequate meeting facilities, and to avoid conflicts with neighborhood meetings already scheduled during the weeknights, Sunday afternoon, April 19th, was selected as the best time to hold this follow-up meeting.

In an effort to help guide the April 19th discussion, NRP and NCR staff have drafted 6 models for electing the neighborhood representatives to the NCEC. The models are based on the facilitator's notes from the last meeting. Three of the models are based on six districts and two at-large positions and the other three models are based on all eight representatives being elected from districts with no at-large positions.

Proposed outcomes for this meeting include:

* A recommended process for electing the eight neighborhood representatives to the NCEC
* A date for neighborhoods to submit their votes on the recommendation
* A preliminary timeframe for seeking candidates and electing them to the NCEC

Below is a link to download the packet sent out to neighborhood group designees. It includes:

* A joint letter from Bob Miller (NRP) and David Rubedor (NCR)
* A possible timeframe for the selection process (for discussion purposes only)
* Information on the six draft models for the April 19th discussion

April 19th Meeting Packet



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