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Bryant Square Park Mosaic Myrals

On September 25, 2016, community members celebrated the unveiling of five mosaic mural art pieces at Bryant Square Recreation Center.

The Calhoun Area Residents Action Group (CARAG), Volunteers of America Southwest Senior Center and Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board have worked with the community during 2015 and 2016 to create beautiful mosaic murals that are attached to exterior of the Bryant Square Recreation Center.

CARAG provided $10,000 in NRP Funds to match funds from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council
Arts Activities Support Program for the creation and installation of the mosaic mural. And, it worked with the VOA SW Senior Center to recruit volunteers and lead community workshops where participants assembled and installed the mural.

The VOA Southwest Senior Center coordinated the artist and volunteers, obtained mosaic supplies and materials, and sponsored the workshops where the mosaic was assembled.

The Park Board worked with CARAG and VOA SW Senior Center to recruit volunteers and support installation of the mosaic panels.

The mosaic mural designs were developed through a series of artist-led Visioning Workshops, in which the community identified images and themes. Community volunteers participated in dozens of workshops to prepare tiles, assemble mosaics, and grout/thin-set mosaics.

Almost 200 neighbors of different ages and backgrounds were able to work together to create what is truly a community art project. The result is five mosaic panels, each with a theme: spring/summer, winter, autumn, water, and butterfly garden.
$10,000.00 CARAG NRP $10,000.00 MRAC Arts Activites Support Program
Bryant Square Park
CARAG, VOA SW Senior Center, Park Board, Metropolitan Regional Arts Council