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Traveling Chalkboard Workshop

Cleveland Neighborhood Association partnered with CPED to host "Traveling Chalkboards." Photographer Wing Young Huie and theatre engagement artist Ashley Hansen are using a chalkboard to find out what people think are the important questions that need to be asked to develop the infrastructure of the city so that it reflects the need and wants of the people.

They are using an approach adapted from Wing's successful 2010 St. Paul public art project, "The University Avenue Project," where he photographed hundreds of people in various circumstances holding chalkboards on which revealing statements are hand-written.

With the Creative CityMaking Project, Wing and Ashley will give chalkboards to community organizations and individual citizens to find out what they believe are the important questions and answers. Participants will then photograph themselves with their questions and answers and upload them to this website: Participants will then pass on the chalkboard to a neighbor to do the same thing, thus winding its way throughout the community. See
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