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The Medallion Public Arts Connector

The Medallion Public Arts Connector(MPAC) is an initiative that connects residents, local businesses, organizations, and artists in the common work of raising funds for public/community arts projects and education. The central piece, the Medallion, is a small art piece that travels the community, touching the hearts of stakeholders, serving as the key to building community connections, and empowering individuals to take action collectively!

The release of the Medallion editions will be staged. The first edition titled "In Flux" was limited to a run of 1500 medallions and launched at Holland Neighborhood Improvement Association's (HNIA) Hotdish Revolution on April 21, 2013.

HNIA and other connecting organizations are distributing the Medallions to stakeholders who are encouraged to patronize a list of participating local businesses and to turn in the Medallion when they pay for a product or service. Each participating business will make a donation to HNIA for public arts projects on a per Medallion basis - which means that each Medallion turned in by a stakeholder will translate to dollars earned for art! Participating businesses have set minimum purchase requirements for accepting Medallions at point of sale.

HNIA will retrieve Medallions from each business and distribute them back to the stakeholder, allowing for the cycle to be repeated. Each individual Medallion is stamped with a unique number, making it possiblefor HNIA to know what stakeholder is in need of a replacement.
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