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"Dogs and Dogs" and Other Approaches to Renters

Following a discussion with City of Minneapolis Animal Control and Care Manager, Dan Niziolek, about dog licenses, Stevens Square learned they have the highest per capita dog registrations on the City. So, SSCO is hosting "Dogs and Dogs" mini-events in Stevens Square Park as a way to attract and reach out to dog owners, many of whom are renters.

In addition, SSCO volunteers have been hosting "mini-events" throughout the neighborhood. Mini-events are tables set up on sidewalks near rental buildings as a way for SSCO volunteers to connect with residents (primarily renters) as they walk through the neighborhood. Volunteers have enjoyed connecting with residents, and the organization has been successful in connecting with renters and recruiting new volunteers for the organization. (Note: this is a form of intercept survey.)

SSCO has also connected with landlords to improve communication with renters. At least one neighborhood landlord now regularly includes a sign-up sheet for the neighborhood organization along with the lease for new renters. This gives SSCO contact information, including email addresses, for new renters. What is the incentive for landlords? Stevens Community Apartments has found that renters who get involved in the neighborhood organization stay longer, and now provides a rent rebate for tenants who participate in the neighborhood block patrol.
Stevens Square Park and other locations throughout the neighborhood