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Phase II Goals

NRP Phase II Goals as Adopted by the NRP Policy Board on Nov. 15, 1999:

- Create a greater sense of community so that people who live, work, learn, and play in Minneapolis have an increased sense of commitment to and confidence in their neighborhood and City.

- Sustain and enhance neighborhood capability in order to strengthen the civic involvement of all members of the community.

The NRP is helping to build 200 new single-family homes and
townhomes on the Humbolt Greenway in North Minneapolis

- Ensure that neighborhood-based planning remains the foundation of the program, is informed, and leads to creative and innovative approaches.

- Strengthen the partnerships among neighborhoods and jurisdictions to identify and accomplish shared citywide goals.

- Ensure that government agencies learn from and respond to neighborhood plans so that public services ultimately reflect neighborhood priorities.

- Develop and support life cycle housing citywide through the preservation of existing housing and new construction by reaffirming our commitment to the state mandate that 52.5% of NRP funds be spent on housing.

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