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Phase II
The NRP was established as a 20-year, $20 million per year program. In 1999, planning for the second decade (Phase II) of the program began. The planning process included several public meetings where Minneapolis residents gave their input with regard to how the NRP would operate in Phase II. In this section, you will find detailed information about the Phase II planning process including the different Phase II program operation proposals that were presented to the public by the NRP Policy Board.


Key Features
On July 24, 2000, the NRP Policy Board approved a Phase II Program Operation Plan. Follow the links below to find key features of the plan.
Planning Process
Allocation Funds
Reserve Funds

Hybrid Proposals
On February 28, 2000 the NRP Policy Board condensed five previously outlined program operation proposals into two new hybrid options. The new options were developed based on feedback the Policy Board received from Minneapolis residents and neighborhood organizations regarding the original proposals.

Five Original Proposals
On February 8, 2000, the NRP Policy Board presented the following five proposals to the public at a City-Wide meeting held at the Whittier Neighborhood Center. The Policy Board used the input from the meeting along with input from four NRP-sponsored community meetings to develop two hybrid Phase II Program Operation Options. The proposals below offer some insight into the Phase II planning process. However, the five proposals

On February 8, 2000 nearly 400 Minneapolis residents attended
a community meeting to help determine the future of the NRP.

are no longer being considered by the Policy Board.
Proposal A
Proposal B
Proposal C
Proposal D
Proposal E

Phase II Program Operations Work Team
Immediately after adopting goals for Phase II of the NRP, the Policy Board created a 10-member Program Operations Work Team that was charged with making recommendations to the Policy Board about Phase II operations. Follow this link to find out more about the work team.

Phase II Goals
On November 15, 1999, the NRP Policy Board approved six goals for the second phase of the Program. Follow this link to learn more about these goals.


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