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Phase II Proposal A - Continue Phase I

1. Description of Proposal:
All Phase II program funds are allocated directly to neighborhoods. Neighborhoods, through their NRP plans, prioritize how all their NRP funds are spent.

2. Who Plans and Sets Priorities?
Every neighborhood does its own planning, and every neighborhood receives an allocation of NRP funds. Neighborhoods, at their own initiative, can do joint neighborhood planning or can pool funds with other neighborhoods or public agencies for a community or citywide project.

3. How are NRP funds distributed?
All Phase II program funds are allocated directly to neighborhoods. A formula will be used, similar to Phase I, that is based on neighborhood characteristics such as population and housing condition, to determine how much money each neighborhood gets.

4. How is the Housing Requirement* addressed?
Neighborhoods will be given information about the Housing Requirement to encourage them to spend funds on housing. However, there would be no neighborhood housing investment requirements. Neighborhoods would independently identify and address housing needs and their investment deci-sions will determine if the Housing Requirement is achieved.

5. How are citywide priorities addressed?
The NRP program will encourage neighborhoods to invest their funds in citywide priorities, but there will be no requirement that neighborhoods do so and no setting aside of NRP funds program-wide for such projects.

* The state legislation that created NRP requires that 52.5% of all NRP funds be spent on housing and housing-related activities.

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